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Susan has been training dogs for more than 20 years. She is an award-winning dog obedience trainer, teacher and writer. She teaches all levels of dog obedience through American Kennel Club (AKC) Utility Competition.

Prior to re-locating to Chester County PA, Susan was Executive Director and Training Director of Canine Link. She is responsible for training and certifying more than 300 therapy dog teams who offer assistance to people with disabilities, veterans, and children and adults in schools, health care facilities and hospice.



Jill is a Certified Dog Trainer and AKC evaluator, with background in clinical psychology and physiology. 

Jill has worked with Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue teams and adores working with children with special needs  at a number of elementary and middle schools with her Labradoodle Nilly.



Kara and Mike got married in November of 2018.


Kara manages the marketing for a local senior living company and has a particular interest in the bond that can be forged between seniors and canines.

Mike just really loves dogs.  He is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and works as an Actuary for a financial company in West Chester, PA. 


They volunteer at local senior living communities with their two dogs, Samson and Cappy.

Kara + Mike


Susan Fireman   |    President and co-Founder

Jill Fingerhood   |   Vice President and co-Founder

 Lauren Speakman |   Secretary

Lori Saulino    I    Vice President

Eileen Conway     I Vice President 

Tim Dumont       I    Vice President  of Fundraising

Kara  Abdala   |    Founding Member

Michael Nesbitt   |  Founding Member

Dr. Christopher Alston

Dr. David Baugh

Dr. Ellen Gacomis

Jennifer Polinchock

Paul Rabino, ESQ

Dr. Leigh Ann Ranieri 

Advisory Board

Dr. Tina Allessandria

Billy Davis

Deanne Di Domenico

Stacey Dougherty

Claire Free

John Gribbon

Maureen Wallace

Lisa Williams

Mary Jane Rabino

Board of Directors

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