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Obedience Training

Training Services:
  • Obedience Training & Good Manners

  • Problem Solving

  • Behavior Modification

  • Canine Good Citizen Test Prep & Training

  • Certified Therapy Dog Training

  • AKC Competition Obedience

Common Training Goals:
  • Greeting people without jumping

  • “Stay” on command until released

  • "Come" when called

  • Overcome unnecessary barking

  • Stop nipping and chewing  

  • Address separation anxiety

  • Walking nicely on leash

  • “Leave It” on command

  • Housebreaking

Pre-Training Consultation

Prior to training, a Shadowlee Canine Certified Trainer will meet with you and your dog to conduct an evaluation. During the evaluation we can gather information about your dog's behavior, previous training, and personality type. We will determine what needs to be accomplished and discuss how training can meet the needs of your family and dog.


Private In-Home Training

Susan Fireman, Shadowlee Canine's lead Trainer, offers in-home training to designed to improve the relationship between dogs and their families so they can experience a more enjoyable life together.


Trained dogs enjoy their lives more because their families are not frequently upset or frustrated with them.  Your dog will thrive in a structured environment with less stress where discipline and affection are practiced regularly.


Susan has put more than 40 AKC competition obedience titles on her dogs. She also had the 4th ranked German Shepherd in the Country. Her German Shepherds have earned titles from Novice to Utility degrees as well as Rally titles. Three of her dogs were also AKC American and Canadian  champions as well as utility dogs excellent.  She has also titled  dogs that are owned by other people


Susan teaches puppy classes, trains AKC Utility dogs and has worked with law enforcement search and rescue.  She has conducted numerous seminars on dog training throughout the USA and Canada.

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